Culinary master class on preparing fresh rolls from Tomatina, 24.09.23

24 September

Little cooks will be able to prepare the most delicious fresh rolls by themselves according to the signature recipe of
the restaurant chef. Upon completion participants will receive certificates of passing the master class and tasty fresh rolls that they have prepared themselves.
Children aged 7 and over are invited to participate.
Number of participants is limited.

Children participating in the activities will be able to get an ice cream from “Fayni Lyody” (to receive ice cream, kids
need to present a Kids Club member card at Fayni Liody from 11:00 to 19:00 (First Floor) with a stamp showing that they have participated in the activities during September 23-24).


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Sun, 24 Sep, 11:00 Sun, 24 Sep, 13:00
Second floor, food court zone, TOMATINA restaurant