House Rules

Dear appraisers,

Shopping center Forum Lviv strives to give you a pleasant shopping experience. In order for us to always feel comfortable in our center, please respect these rules. The following provisions apply throughout the Forum Lviv shopping center, including the shopping center and the park area outside it.

1. Accommodation of alcoholic beverages, food not purchased at the Center, as well as smoking at the Center is prohibited. Smoking is allowed only on the streets in designated areas.

2. Begging, trade from trays and unnecessary stays are not allowed.

3. Sale of goods, commercial video and photo shooting, performances and events are not allowed without the prior written permission of the Management of the Companies.

4. For distribution of advertising materials, placement of posters, description of clients, etc. written permission of the Management Company is required.

5. Bicycles and motorcycles are not allowed in the mall. The issue of scooters, roller skates, skateboards and gyroscooters is not allowed for safety reasons.

6. Dogs should be on a leash, any excrement should be negatively removed by dog ​​owners themselves.

7. Permission is allowed only on benches, not on the floor and stairs.

8. Intentional contamination, damage or improper use of facilities, including common common areas and toilets, sanitary space, etc.

9. Transfer upon request of the Management Company or its authorized persons to leave the Center may award liability for violation of property rights.

10. The reporting of our appraisers to third parties should not be intrusive and should not create irregularities in violation of property rights.

11. Visitors who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances may be removed from the territory of the shopping center if their behavior informs public order and threatens due to danger in another person or property located in the shopping center.

12. It is prohibited to bring weapons, explosions and hazardous materials that may endanger the life and health of other users / staff in the shopping center.

Additional Rules

In accordance with the instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Lviv City Council to combat the outbreak of COVID-19, we inform:

1. Entry and stay in the mall only in protective masks or respirators

2. Movement of a group of persons in the amount of not more than two persons

3. Persons under the age of 14 are accompanied only by their parents

4. Available stations for hand disinfection with antiseptic

5. At the same time it is allowed to stay 1 person per 10 m2

6. Moving according to the applied marking

7. Keeping a SAFE DISTANCE

8. Waiting in line at designated SAFE PLACES FOR WAITING

9. There are rules for the use of elevators / escalators / travelators

10. Use of recreation areas according to the SAFE SPACE marking

11. Observance of hygiene rules and requirements of the Ministry of Health

* regarding exceptions to the rules and other detailed information, please refer to the current regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and decisions of the Lviv City Council