October 12, 2016

Forum Lviv shopping center starts its second year of operation with the amount of 10 000 000 visitors that have visited the shopping centre upon its opening date.

Marina Nesterenko, director of the shopping center said: “Lviv citizensacknowledge Forum Lviv shopping centre for its convenient location in the city centre, for a wide selection of brands and for its unique atmosphere. We will continue to amplify the Forum Lviv position as the favorite meeting place for shopping in Lviv. It is proven by the high footfall of the shopping center and the financial results of its tenants.”

Forum Lviv is located in the heart of Lviv’s city centre on PidDubom street, just a short walk from the National Opera Theatre and Lviv’s famous Market Square. On the top level of a three-storey shopping center customers can enjoy thecinema, entertainment zone and restaurants with the viewupon the city. The total leasable area  ofForum Lviv is 35 000 sq.m. Underground parking Forum Lviv contains 600 parking spaces. As of October 2016 the vacancy of the Forum Lviv premices is less than 1%.
The shopping center offers more than 30 brandsthat are completely new for Lviv.
Multi will be announcing additional store openings at Forum Lviv in the near future.