June 8, 2017

The summer season in the FORUM LVIV shopping centre started with the lottery drawing  “Year of free shopping”. During the period of the lottery among the buyers of the shopping centre, there were about 7 000 people who registered their checks and got a chance to win 80 000 UAH for shopping in the FORUM LVIV for the whole year.
This time the fortune smiled to the Lviv citizen, Yevgen Matiashyn, who after a successful shopping with his wife decided to check his luck and registered for the lottery. It was this that led him to a victory of the face value of 80 000 UAH for the shopping during the year at the FORUM LVIV shopping centre.

“Our favourite centre is FORUM LVIV because you can realise any whims in it – to make shopping, taste a variety of goodies, go for interesting entertainment. Dear friends, we wish you – participate in all the subsequent activities of FORUM LVIV, do not sit on the couches, to dream, to plan and you will win!”– says the winner Eugene Matiashyn.

“We are grateful to the visitors of FORUM LVIV for active participation in the action and are invited to the future drawings. Congratulations to the winner and wish you many successful purchases”, comments Marina Nesterenko, director of the FORUM LVIV SEC.