December 7, 2021

Dear guests,

In accordance with the instructions of the authorities on the “yellow” level of epidemic danger, to combat the outbreak of COVID-19, we inform you that there are additional requirements for the visiting of the cinema and Food & Beverage establishments.

To visit the cinema and Food & Beverage establishments visitors must have (except for persons younger than 18 years old) one of the following documents available:

  • a valid vaccination certificate;
  • a negative PCR test (COVID-19 PCR test) or a rapid test for the detection of the coronavirus antigen SARS-CoV-2, which was performed not more than 72 hours before the visit to the establishment or
  • doctor’s certificate on contraindication or recovery from COVID-19, which is valid for 105 days from the date of detection of the disease.

For visitors under the age of 18, the restrictions do not apply if the visitor has an official document confirming his identity and age.

Please note that participation in the events organized by the Forum Lviv SC is allowed only if you have one of the above documents.

We draw your attention that staying on the territory of the shopping centre is allowed only in protective masks or respirators.

Please note that in order to ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements, the representatives of the security of Forum Lviv shopping centre have the right at any time to check the compliance of the customers with the shopping centre rules.


Thank you for understanding!

Forum Lviv Centre management