November 2, 2016

First O Bag Store in Western region opened in Forum Lviv shopping centre. The Italian designed fashion accessories, including bags, watches and sun-glasses, are from now on represented in the 40 sq.m store located on the Forum Lviv main atrium on the Ground Floor.

Marina Nesterenko, Forum Lviv Centre Manager,  states: “Forum Lviv introduced over 30 new brands to Lviv market, among which the O Bag. The brand makes a perfect addition to the Forum Lviv brand portfolio by introducing a unique concept. We are confident that it will be fully enjoyed by our shoppers”.

Ksenia Pavlova, O Bag Ukraine General Manager, comments: “O Bag Store in Forum Lviv is our third official store in Ukraine. Our accessories can be customized, as additional parts can be bought to mix and match according to an outfit, preference, or mood on the day. The brand aim is to give our customers greater freedom to express themselves sartorially and to accessorise in a distinctive and ever changing way. When it came to the decision on the location of the store we looked for one that would perfectly match our brand standards, by having a perfect location, strong tenant mix but also offered a modern, vibrant atmosphere. Forum Lviv shopping centre met all our requirements and we are ready to conquer the affection of Lviv shoppers.”

Centrally located on Pid Dubom Street, just a short walk from the city’s main square and famous Opera House the center comprises over 100 shops and a full restaurant-food court area with entertainment such as cinema and children entertainment. It has an underground parking garage with 600 spaces. Forum Lviv has capitalised on the city centre’s busy status and has provided opportunities for small local businesses alongside larger chain and premium brands.