July 10, 2018

A Japanese retail network USUPSO, leisure and fashion department store, opened its first store in Western Ukraine in Forum Lviv shopping centre.

The USUPSO store in Forum Lviv measures over 55 sq.m. It can now be found on the Second Floor, connecting the leisure and the food court zone.

USUPSO retail network, that includes over 1000 store in more than 30 countries, aims to enrich its clients lives with exciting bright everyday elements, varying from cosmetics, accessories, household goods, gadgets, toys and even clothing.

“Forum Lviv has introduced over 30 new brands to Lviv market. We are once again glad to welcome a new player in the city and to further surprise Lviv citizens. USUPSO has a unique offer for Forum Lviv clients by adding to their bright lifestyle experience, hence it makes a great addition to the shopping centre brand mix,” comments Marina Nesterenko, Forum Lviv Centre Manager.

As of now Forum Lviv shopping centre is 100% leased.