April 11, 2019

New McDonald’s format in FORUM LVIV SC: from now on, you can order meals at the cash desk or the self-service terminal

The following features of McDonald’s restaurants with the future experience are now available for FORUM LVIV shoppers:

  • The new principle of the cash register is more convenient for the visitor. The counter is divided into two parts – for ordering and for receiving dishes. Therefore, visitors who are waiting for an order, and those who make an order do not interfere with each other.
  • Self-service terminals are a compulsory element of the restaurant with future experience and allow visitors to easily and calmly study all menu items in an electronic format, make an order and pay for it by card or cash at the cash desk, and then pick up the dishes at the delivery area.
  • In restaurants with future experience, the staff uniforms and menu design are updated.

Also, there is another fundamentally important feature of restaurants with a new format. New principle of the kitchen “is cooked for you” that will allow the visitor to add or remove ingredients in their burgers to their liking – add to the favourite double cheeseburger another burger or order a Maestro burger with four additional ingredients.

“We are constantly improving our brands portfolio in order to offer the most desirable and most relevant brands and concepts to the Lviv citizens. It is important for us to provide FORUM LVIV  SC visitors with a unique shopping experience. When this is also supported and strengthened by  the update of our tenants’ concepts, altogether, we achieve the maximum effect”, – comments Marina Nesterenko, FORUM LVIV, Centre Manager.

“McDonald’s future experience is an opportunity to offer visitors a new, more advanced service. We never stand still, we are changing and inviting visitors to take advantage of all these changes. In 2018, 18 restaurants in Ukraine offered the experience of the future to their guests, and by the end of 2019, 19 restaurants will have a new format,” – comments Julia Badritdinova, General Director of McDonald’s in Ukraine.