Discounts in Foxtrot!

You can’t get used to the weather in Ukraine 🤪
The caps have just been removed, and +30 is already sizzling 🔥🌡️

That’s why we arm ourselves against the heat as soon as possible🦊

From 25.05 to 21.06, when the forecast is up to +30 everywhere… in FOXTROT there will be up to -25% on climate equipment❄️
Are you ready to cool down nicely? 🌴
💠A wide range of fans
💠 Conditioners of proven brands
Air purifiers and humidifiers
💠And water heaters👌 because there is still the same problem with hot water every summer!
Look for more anti-heat products in Foxtrot stores🦊
Also ask about current offers on free shipping and credit for 10 payments.
Everything will be 🆒

The promotion is valid on:

25/05 - 21/06

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