Discounts in Foxtrot!

Where is the happiest place in the summer? 😏 Do you think on the beach? 🏖️
No way! 👇
Where there are always cool drinks, fresh fruit, and where you want to crawl in the heat.
Hmm… 🤔 it turns out, this is a refrigerator 🧊 ☺️
And if:
☑️ these are top models with cool functionality and design from European and global manufacturers;
☑️ with a discount 😍 up to -40%
➕free delivery
➕possibility to buy on credit for 10 payments!
Foxy 🦊recommends everyone 🏃 to visit the Foxtrot stores as soon as possible.
From 25.05 to 21.06 inclusive ⏳
To have time to buy your brand new happy refrigerator 🧊 under such cool conditions 🔥

The promotion is valid on:

25/05 - 21/06

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