Grill Pub


Grill Pub is a young but very promising chain of restaurants in Ukraine. Grill Pub is the result of 8 years of experience and 150 completed projects.

The format of the establishments has no analogues on the market – food court restaurants with barbecue fast food menu, which is prepared on charcoal in a barbecue in front of visitors. For the first time, restaurant-type dishes are presented on the food court at affordable prices as a daily diet: lunch, dinner, lunch.

The Grill Pub uses only fresh produce and top quality meat without pre-freezing. Juicy tuna steak, fresh beef skewers, well-roasted barbecue mushrooms – a delicious base of our menu. Handmade burgers with 100% meat, crispy baked potatoes and barbecue corn.

Grill Pub is the best tradition of a high quality restaurant menu at affordable prices. Are waiting for you!

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00-22:00
Tuesday 10:00-22:00
Wednesday 10:00-22:00
Thursday 10:00-22:00
Friday 10:00-22:00
Saturday 10:00-22:00
Sunday 10:00-22:00
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