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LC Waikiki’s journey began in 1985 in France and continued after 1997 as a Turkish brand under the auspices of LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş.

Today, LC Waikiki represents products in 543 stores in 25 countries. The company’s philosophy “Everyone deserves to dress well” allows people to enjoy affordable fashion, buying quality things at an affordable price.

LC Waikiki, which was chosen as Turkey’s “Favorite Ready-Made Clothing Company in 2013”, was actually founded in 1988 by the Dizdar family from Safranbol and the Kyuchuk and Kisadjik families from Malatya.

Today, the Dizdar, Kyuchuk, Kisadzhik and Amuyal families own most of the shares in the retail company LC Waikiki.

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