May 22, 2019

New stores are opening in the FORUM LVIV shopping center, including Must Have, Ukrzoloto and the Golden Age jewelry house. Diamonds ».

The jewelry segment of the mall’s brand portfolio was supplemented by a new Ukrzoloto store (located on the second floor) and the Golden Age | Diamonds Jewelry House ”(located on the ground floor). Both stores are already waiting for their visitors in the area of ​​the small atrium of the mall.

Must Have, a Ukrainian brand that offers stylish women’s clothing, will soon be presented in the fashion gallery of the mall on the second floor. The store will have a size of over 125 sq.m.

“We welcome new brands that further diversify the offer for our customers of FORUM LVIV shopping mall in the fashion and jewelry segments. As for our customers, they are very conscious and demand high standards of quality, service and offer. Thus, the brands Must Have, Ukrzoloto and Golden Age Diamonds are great additions to our portfolio of mall brands, ”comments Maryna Nesterenko, Director of FORUM LVIV Mall.