June 5, 2024

A certified high-speed four-port electric charger with a total capacity of 182 kW, based on Siemens circuit technology, is installed at the Electric charging station in Forum Lviv SC. It meets all safety and quality standards. The new station is designed for simultaneous charging of four electric cars with dynamic power distribution. Drivers of electric cars can choose from four connectors:

  • CCS2 Combo (160 kW)
  • GB/T (160 kW)
  • CHAdeMO (50 kW)
  • AC Type2 (22 kW)

A special feature of the ECS in the Forum Lviv SC is the output of a separate connector to an individual parking space. It is easy for the driver to find his way in choosing a place to stop: an informative inscription on the wall and lighting on the parking space will tell him the type of connector that serves this parking space.

All the electric charging stations of LGI also have a GB/T connector, which is designed for charging electric cars imported from China.

The GO TO-U company is the operator of the ECS in the Forum Lviv Shopping Center. Thanks to the "GO TO- U" software and online service, drivers of electric cars get access to information about ECS, their location, types of connectors, port status, reservation, and activation of a charging session at the selected location. The operator provides technical support to the driver if needed during the charging process. Payment for services is also carried out in the GO TO-U mobile application.