March 28, 2018

In the light of the recent tragic events in one of the malls and the numerous inquiries received by the mall Forum Lviv, we invite journalists and everyone to a presentation on fire protection systems and security measures of the mall Forum Lviv, which will take place on March 30 at 13-00 on the 3rd floor of the mall.

We also consider it necessary to share the following information regarding fire safety in the mall.

First of all, we emphasize that the Forum Lviv shopping mall regularly conducts trainings, exercises and practical training evacuations among service personnel, technical services and tenants’ representatives.

Forum Lviv shopping mall is equipped with one of the most modern fire-fighting systems, which includes a fire alarm system, alarm system, water, gas and powder fire extinguishing system, smoke removal system and air support that meet all safety standards. The mall has a round-the-clock post of monitoring the operation and condition of fire protection systems.

The fire alarm system detects probable places of ignition or smoke.

The water, powder and gas fire extinguishing system automatically or manually extinguishes the fire.

The notification system informs employees and visitors of the mall about a fire or emergency and the need to evacuate the premises.

Smoke extraction systems eliminate smoke from the premises.

All fire protection systems of the mall are inspected and serviced by specialized licensed companies on a regular basis.

Forum Lviv shopping mall is divided into fire compartments, which are separated by fire walls, fire doors, as well as fire gates and fire curtains, which automatically close when fire systems are activated.

The fire gate is equipped with gates with an “anti-panic” system, which, if necessary, can be evacuated from the compartment where the fire occurs, and get to a safe place in the mall.

Evacuation in the mall is carried out in accordance with the evacuation plans, which are located in free access along shopping malls and shops. Evacuation of visitors from the mall takes place with the involvement of responsible tenants and services of the shopping center. All evacuation fire doors from shops, including cinemas equipped with a system of “anti-panic”, which allows you to open the door from inside the room in case of emergency.

The administration of the shopping center will continue to take care of people’s safety as its top priority in order to keep Forum Lviv shopping mall a safe place for everyone.