Bakery №1


Delicious bread and pastries according to recipes from different European countries can now be purchased and treated at the Forum Lviv shopping center.
The peculiarity of Bakery №1 is that the institution is created in the image of French bakeries boulangerie (boulangers), which for many years have won the hearts of not only the French but also guests from other countries. Here you can see with your own eyes how your delicacies are baked, which will later be on your table.

The establishment cooperates with the French bakery center, thus the employees are acquainted with pastries from different countries of the world: French, Italian and Baltic.

Among the things you can taste in the Bakery are breads and pastries from different European countries. They are prepared on natural wine leavens, which gives them a special taste. This is a traditional buttery French croissant, and at the same time just unique recipes from the 14th-15th centuries, such as – Dresden gallery, Milan panneton and French brioche.

Here you can start the morning with a delicious breakfast, have lunch and dinner with a loved one in a romantic atmosphere. After all, the Bakery has a full menu that will satisfy everyone’s desires.

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00-22:00
Tuesday 10:00-22:00
Wednesday 10:00-22:00
Thursday 10:00-22:00
Friday 10:00-22:00
Saturday 10:00-22:00
Sunday 10:00-22:00
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