Pako Lorente

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Pako Lorente is the result of a passionate desire to create men’s clothing and share it with business clients and partners. Initially, the brand was focused on the production of men’s shirts. As it developed, the company expanded its product range and became one of the most dynamic Polish brands offering men’s clothing on the market. Pako Lorente meets the needs of the most demanding men who value high quality at an affordable price, are interested in fashion and style and have a personal perception.
In response to needs, the brand offers 3 product lines:

That’s why men who choose Pako Lorente can choose the appropriate style for any event, from classic models to business or casual. Clothing is significantly different from conservative men’s fashion.

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00-22:00
Tuesday 10:00-22:00
Wednesday 10:00-22:00
Thursday 10:00-22:00
Friday 10:00-22:00
Saturday 10:00-22:00
Sunday 10:00-22:00
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Map of the centre

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